Why It Is Important To Work With Plumbers Who Are Very knowledgeable About Bathtub Installation

Bathtub Installation is a labor of love for most homeowners. This is especially true when it comes to smaller bathrooms, or for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on their bathtub. Bathtubs can be installed using either do-it-yourself methods or more traditional ways that require a licensed contractor. The key to a successful bathtub installation is to carefully measure the area in which you plan to place your tub, including any surrounding walls or pipes, and to make sure that you have all the necessities before you begin digging. There are several ways to install a bathtub, including the Portland Bathtub Installation Method, the Faucet-on Tube Method, and the Inline-Mounted Faucet-On Tube method.

Bathtub Installation


The national average for installing a new bathtub is approximately $1,500 for an unvented, freestanding tub with no soaking feature, and around half that for an enclosed, wall-mounted tub with an included soaking feature. The lowest price for a bathtub installation most often is around $ 800 for a 4-foot acrylic soaking bathtub, while the highest price would be around 18,000 for an unvented, freestanding acrylic bathtub replacement. Shower spouts, drains, soap dishes, and other necessities can also be purchased separately from the tub. Bathtub installation prices are even more competitive if you decide to install your tub on your own, as most major manufacturers will provide professional installation service for an additional charge. The cost of hiring a professional would be significantly less than buying a cheaper model.


Shower spares, including soap dishes, soap holders, and other accessories, can all be bought separately from the tub, if you decide to do so. Shower seats are an essential part of any bathroom remodeling project and installing a shower seat in your bathtub installation will help make the bathtub look better and feel cozier. If you choose to have the shower seat installed separately, it would be wise to have a couple of measurements handy so you can have the exact measurement of the space where you plan to place the seat after it is fully installed. The good thing about buying shower seats separately is that you will be able to use different color schemes for the seat and tub together. Another added advantage to buying these shower seats separately is that they can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.


Some plumbing supplies may not be suitable for use with some kinds of bathtubs, such as under-the-sink water heaters and electric water heaters. Most bathroom remodeling companies offer alternatives for these kinds of plumbing supplies in their line of products. In addition to offering alternatives, these plumbing companies are also able to give tips on how to make the most out of your bathtub installation services. The good thing about doing this with a local plumbing company is that they will be able to help you get the most out of your installation services for your bathtub, regardless of what kind of plumbing system you have in your bathroom.


If you have decided to get bathtub installation done, it would also be a good idea to hire a plumber who is well-versed with the latest bathtub models available in the market. You don’t want to be setting up the tub while your plumber is in the middle of changing the faucet for another model of bathtub. There is also a chance that your plumber might get confused with the fixtures included in the current bathtub you have purchased. Most reputable plumbing companies will offer a list of fixtures that they can work with, even when it comes to custom-made bathtubs. The advantage of having a plumber that is familiar with the latest bathtub models available in the market is that they will be able to offer suggestions on what models would be best for your bathroom.


Another reason why it is important to work with a professional plumbing company that specializes in jetted tub installations is because of the inherent dangers involved in installing these fixtures under any circumstances. When you install a jetted tub under a countertop, for example, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of leaking water and causing damage to the counter. A professional knows how to install jetted tubs in a way that they do not pose any dangers to those who may be using the bathroom while they are being installed. They also have the necessary equipment to fix the issue as soon as the plumbing issue has been fixed.