Tax Attorney: Why You Need One?

A Tax Attorney is a professional attorney specialized in tax law and taxation issues. Taxation law or tax law is a field of legal study where public or officially sanctioned bodies, including state, national and local governments employ a body of carefully designed rules and procedures to calculate and collect taxes in a lawful context. Tax attorneys work in the areas of taxation law, taxation litigation, tax compliance, tax relief, tax administration, tax relief, and public policy related to taxation. Tax attorneys have detailed knowledge and experience in all these areas and can provide sound tax planning advice. Taxation attorneys are well versed in tax laws of all countries and know how to deal with different situations of tax liability.

Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys are qualified lawyers practicing in all U.S. states as well as in many foreign countries. They are well familiar with state, federal and local laws on taxation and have expertise and knowledge of complex international tax matters. Tax attorneys can represent individuals as well as small business owners or corporations. Tax attorneys can provide their clients with expert advice as well as in managing their tax obligations, drafting documents related to taxes, negotiating with state agencies, filing returns, and attending state bar exams.


Tax attorneys can provide sound tax planning advice to resolve tax disputes, prepare the necessary tax returns, represent their clients, negotiate tax debts, and attend state bar exams. Tax attorneys also deal with IRS problems, preparing and filing returns, filing state tax returns, handling other federal tax matters, and working with debt collection. They can help individuals avoid pitfalls in tax disputes and can help resolve tax related issues. These include bankruptcy, foreclosure, and wage garnishment.


Tax attorneys are well versed in a wide range of tax laws applicable in the states of the United States of America and in some of the overseas nations. Tax attorneys work with clients on federal and state tax matters, preparing the necessary tax returns, representing their clients at court, negotiating with IRS agents and paying the necessary taxes. They help their clients save money by minimizing tax debt. They can even help clients avoid jail time when owing taxes through bankruptcy proceedings. They are proficient in handling complicated international tax matters.


Tax attorneys can provide their clients with relevant advice as far as filing federal income taxes, back taxes, refund liabilities, payroll taxes and filing for state income taxes. They can even help their clients avoid criminal prosecution for tax crimes. The best thing about a tax attorney is that they can offer sound tax planning advice and even negotiate with the IRS for their client’s advantage. Some attorneys might need to consult with their own tax attorney or even a certified public accountant.


Taxation issues are quite easy to resolve if one takes professional advise from tax attorneys. Even though tax controversy might seem to be very technical in nature, the fact is that all criminal cases are subject to tax investigation and are susceptible to criminal prosecution under the IRS code. In such circumstances, a good tax attorney can save the client from possible criminal charges.