Remodeling Your Bathroom For a Family Member With Disabilities

Bathroom remodeling for disabled persons is now very popular, with more people requiring improved access to get their much needed spa treatments or simply get in and out of the bath. In addition, modern day bathroom designing includes options that allow even the most severely disabled persons to fully enjoy bathing and showering. Today’s bathroom remodeling services offer everything you need for a perfectly adapted bathroom: walk-in bathtub and shower, accessible tub and shower, grab bars, ergonomic shower chairs, custom cabinetry, accessible, tiled area, bathroom cabinets, and vanities, towel bars and more.

Modern handicap bathroom remodeling includes the installation of a wheelchair ramp onto the bathtub or on a wall adjacent to the tub. Walk-in tub and shower, custom cabinetry and bathroom cabinets are all designed to make bathing and showering as easy as possible for the disabled. Custom bathroom rugs and towel racks are another modern convenience for the disabled. These features and more can make the bathroom both safer and more enjoyable for everybody in your home.

Wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtubs provide comfort and freedom for those who use wheelchairs. In fact, many disabled persons enjoy long baths simply because they feel more comfortable than when they are in a standard bathtub. If you do not currently have a walk-in bathtub or shower, you should consider installing one for your handicapped family member. With an ADA approved walk-in bathtub or shower, you can invite your loved one into the bathroom as easily as entering the shower. The added accessibility can help your loved one to learn how to use the bathroom without assistance and gives him or her more independence.

Custom cabinetry and bathroom accessories are also available for walk-in tubs and showers. One of the most popular options for customizing a handicap bathroom is installing a roll-in shower. Older tubs with no hoses or rails were not difficult to install, but the newer models require a special hook to attach to the drain. There are new shower floor tiles that make installation easier. Some shower walls can now be fitted with a handrail for those who need extra assistance. These shower floor tiles are water resistant and non-slip, and new special textured flooring makes the shower safer as it slides along the floor.

Handicap bathroom remodeling has come a long way in recent years. You can now find bathtubs that are wider than those available just a few years ago, which makes it much easier to accommodate wheelchair users into the bathtub. In addition, there are bathtubs that swing into the shower rather than swinging out. These features more counter space in the bathroom, and many bathtubs even have door handles or switches so you can turn on and off the water at the touch of a button.

Another idea for remodeling your handicap bathroom is to add a bathroom skimmer and light fixture. This will improve circulation in the bathroom, which helps keep your tub and shower cleaner and easier to disinfect. The same ideas apply to your handicap bathtub and shower. There are many beautiful and practical choices for remodeling your bathroom for a family member with disabilities. For more details on bathroom remodeling visit Luxury Bath Technologies website at