DIY Or Call a Pro: How to Save Money With DIY Shower Remodeling

Do you need help with your Kennewick Shower Remodel? You’re not alone! Many people overlook this kind of project when they’re just getting started on their redesign. But rest assured – a well-thought-out renovation will yield many rewards. Here’s why:

Shower Remodel


One time-tested, guaranteed way to slash cost on a DIY shower remodel is to dismantle the existing structure by yourself. Even if you’ve hired a pro tile and grout contractor to build the entire thing from scratch, you can still take on the project yourself. Contractors are accustomed to homeowners performing pre-construction projects like this for themselves. The same is true for a DIY job.


While you’re thinking about taking on a DIY shower remodel, consider whether or not it’s in your best interest to replace the entire shower or just a section. In general, the more expensive and complicated the remodeling job, the more likely it will be to be more expensive to complete. For example, replacing the flooring in a bathroom is much more complex than in a downstairs living room. For that reason, it’s usually a better idea to focus on a single aspect of the project and keep that part updated instead of breaking your budget by replacing everything at once.


Another question to ask yourself before a Bathroom Remodel is whether to install a new floor to replace the worn and stained cement. It may seem like a simple endeavor, but a Bathroom Remodel will include the installation of a new waterproof floor. This prevents water from soaking your new floor, causing mold, cracking and possibly harmful leaks. A Bathroom Remodel that involves the replacement of flooring, plumbing and electrical components of the bathroom can be very expensive and time consuming. A good idea would be to replace the flooring and plumbing as a part of the bathtub renovation. Even if your bathroom remodel does not include a bathtub, installing a new bathtub can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of the bathroom.


Adding a layer of insulation to the walls in your shower remodel will help you lower your heating and cooling costs in the long run. In addition, by insulating the walls from the elements, the room will stay warmer when winter ends and cooler during the summer. This is an added benefit to most homeowners who are concerned with keeping their home comfortable in the warmest months of the year. One additional option in the area of waterproofing and insulation is using a waterproofing product such as Shower Remodel Magic Water proofing membrane.


Installing a new shower can be a very exciting project. If this project is handled by a professional contractor, many of which are available on the internet, the process of installing a new shower should be relatively easy and fast. A well built and installed shower can save money in the long term because it will save money on repairs and home maintenance. Some of the best ways to get a great deal on your next DIY shower remodel are to find a good contractor who is experienced and qualified, do research on the internet and ask others who have had experience with a contractor or two. A great way to save money when doing a DIY shower remodel is by hiring a contractor who offers free estimates, this can save a homeowner time and money.