Prada shop in a small island in order to consolidate the Central America market

Prada recently opened a new store. The location may be a bit unexpected.In the Prada global retail map, if you want to see the location of this new store, you need to enlargethe map several times, because the store where the Saint Barthélemy island is too small.

This is located in the Caribbean Sea in the French West Indies in a small island, an area of about 25 square kilometers, population of less than 1 million. Of course, there are high-quality wild beaches, there are blue sky and seawater, there are nearly 200,000 visitors each year to come to vacation.

Prada ishere to open new store, not impulsive move. Visitors to Saint Barthélemy are very high quality, many of them are rich and famous. When North America enters the winter, it becomes particularly lively. BeforePrada,Hermes, Bvlgari, Cartier, LV and other luxury brands have been opened duty-free shopshere.

Prada did not explain the reasons for the shop too much, only in the first sentence of the newsletter, concise and said that this is “to consolidate the Central America market.” From the point of view of the design of the store, Prada implementation very seriously.

The store, perhaps, can be described as “unique,” because it is not the same as the Prada stores in New York, Paris, and any other city in the world.

Create a Central America style, is the theme of this store design. Thus, into the store, painted bright yellow walls and ceilings, with a dark brown wooden sliding door, giving a blow to the tropical atmosphere. In many shops around the world using black and white checkered marble floor, but also make the store without losing the modern.

Prada store

The design of the side hall is the most special. The first is the wall, bright yellow base, with dark blue lines outline the pattern of bananas. Ceilings use a simple wooden frame, neutralize the complexity of the wall design. Animal pattern carpet in the room, wicker-woven oval rattan chairs and simple wooden shelves, combined together, more like a local style of a small clothing store.

Goods sold in the shop, are specially selected summer single product. All kinds of sandals, sun hat and men and women clothing.

This unique new store, is Prada part of the revitalization of retail sales plans. From July to the present, Prada in the world opened 10 new stores. Of course, at the same time, also selectively close some poor rental shops.

The global economic downturn has seriously affected the Prada’s sales. In the first half of the performance report, Prada’s net profit is 1.6 billion euros, down 13% over the same period last year, the decline in retail performance is the main reason.

In April, CFO Alessandra Cozzani said that they wanted to increase the shop’s productivity. According to Prada’s midterm report, although the overall performance of the American market is poor, Mexico and Brazil’s performance is surprisingly good. This may also be Prada optimistic about the Central and South American market, and one of the reasons for the opening of new stores in the Caribbean island with huge consumption potential.

Imagination, Prada 2016 spring and summer shoes

We believe that the stunning debut of Prada 2016 spring and summer shoesshowin Milanis still fresh. Indeed, this seasonPradashoesseries as designer Miuccia Prada said, “novelty, courage, bold, obvious”, creative design and rich and colorful colors, is a big highlight.

This seasonPrada creative platform shoes is impressive, can be described as extremely imaginative. Simple sense of the straw and super thick sole with zigzag pattern of jogging shoes, with the classic Oxford vamp, very innovative, it isrefreshing. A series of high saturation of orange, sky blue, pink and purple, turquoise green, let the color ofsuper thick solesis also highly ornamental. From the color to the material, the whole combination of shoes is also closely linked to the themeofMiuccia Prada this season to express- hot Baroque style, bizarre and eye-catching, out of line and conflict.

Prada Shoes

Active color in the design of the shoes are more eye-catching, the continuation of the clothing stripes design and the use of fluorescent color, weave pattern from the bevel extended to the heel, with the same color cortical round buckle, can be described as ” Rainbow Edition “Mary Jane shoes. Dazzling multicolored knit stripes make Prada shoes full of vitality this season, livelyand elegant, instant impact on people’s attention, so that the wearer shine.

In addition, Mary Jane shoes in silver leather with a super-high waterproof platformwill be lovely Lolita wind and elegant sexy perfect combination, the most important thing is that it can enjoy the effect of high heels, but also can feel comfortable, will be loved by the women who love classic and pursue perfection.

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